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Proteus Project Manager Survey Report 2023


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Insights Tailored for You: Gain exclusive access to insights directly from project management professionals. Understand the challenges they face in:

Accessing Accurate Data: Uncover the hurdles they encounter and how it impacts decision-making.

Integration Issues: Learn about the pitfalls of disjointed systems and their effect on project efficiency.

Data-Driven Performance: Discover strategies for leveraging data to boost project performance.

73% of project managers fail to consistently meet the agreed project schedule, and 59% do not stay within the agreed budget. Learn how to overcome these common project controls challenges.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your approach to project management.

Enhance Data Accessibility: Strategies to streamline access to accurate project data.

Integrate Systems Seamlessly: Recommendations for cohesive systems that improve efficiency.

Maximize Data for Performance: Insights on using data effectively to enhance project outcomes.

Break Free from Spreadsheet Shackles: Bid farewell to inefficient spreadsheets. Explore alternatives and efficient tools that can elevate your project management approach.

Exclusive Expertise: Compiled from extensive surveys and professional insights, this report provides an insider’s view into the real challenges faced by project managers like yourself.

Empower Your Projects: Armed with this report’s insights, you’ll be equipped to tackle challenges head-on and drive success in your projects.

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