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Take your projects from planning to completion

Proteus is a feature-rich low-cost project management solution for people working on projects that allows you to create project plans, seamlessly convert them into working projects, manage people, resources, and time, as well as track and monitor all financials.

At Proteus we know that the success of each project, no matter the industry, can have a significant impact on your organisation’s bottom line. With several decades’ experience in complex project management we created Proteus to transform business success from the inside out.​​

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Boost your digital transformation

Digital transformation starts with implementing the right tools to run successful projects, positively impacting your organisation’s bottom line. With several decades’ experience in complex project management we created Proteus to transform business success from the inside out. Give your teams the tools they need to create financially accurate, consistent and professional proposals and plans faster.


Deliver all projects big and small

Whether you are developing project plans or sales proposals, once approved you can transform these into working projects seamlessly. Not only that, you can manage people's time, capacity, and utilisation, and maximise your project resources to ensure you deliver on time and on budget.

Maximise your revenue margins

Proteus is a feature-rich low-cost solution that hard wires consistency, control, visibility, and accuracy into the full project lifecycle. Real-time analytics allow you to stay on top of your costs, manage your cash flow, and ensure all completed and delivered work is invoiced, protecting your project profitability and your revenue.


View everything in one place

Designed to sit at the heart of your business, Proteus helps you move faster, deliver more projects, and generate more revenue through its project control centre, API software integrations, real-time analytics, project management and delivery methodologies. From proposals to timesheets to invoices, as well as multi-level access dashboards to allow all your teams, freelancers and third-parties to track their work, Proteus also allows teams to review their projects and tasks in real-time, maintaining confidentiality and maximising communication.

Customer Testimonials
Why professionals across industries are loving Proteus

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"We use this simple to operate system to manage the full lifecycle of our consultancy projects. We can start the tender process, estimating & scope completion in one centralised place."

Andy S. Managing director, Oil & Energy Sector

"Our experiences with Proteus has been excellent, they approached us with an exciting piece of software that has cut large portions of our costs and improved our workflows. Highly recommend!"

Jack M, Data Analyst in the US

"Overall experience with Proteus is superb. Easy/simple/straight forward to use and the amount of man hours it has saved myself and other members in my team, it has paid our Contractor back within first 2 weeks of having it."

Camryn M, Oil & Energy Operations in UAE

Watch the below video for a quick look at how Proteus helps companies streamline and manage projects of every scale.

Maximise Efficiency

Monitor progress, resources, hours and costs to maximise efficiency and improve profit margins.

Optimize workflows

Enhance and streamline your processes to better utilise your project resources with ease.


Give your team the tools they need to deliver financially accurate, consistent and professional project documents.

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